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Current thoughts on the state of the nation?

With the protests in Boston, Dallas and Houston, basically giving up the right to free speech, CNN outright supporting antifa, what will it take for people to wake up?

When will we take it back from the regressive left?


Hitler was right all along when it came to the problems with capitalism and democracy and I'm fully on board with the a society incorporating Fascism, ethnonationalism, and a form of "white sharia" after this last week.


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uhh, no sweetie.
Hitler killed 6 million innocent people, and you'd do well to remember that. It's been all good fun, but seriously guys, we can't let Spencer get the oven codes.
Upvote if you agree


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>oy vey remember the 6 gorillion
I know this is bait but it still makes me angry as fuck.


Calling someone sweetie is a great way for them to disagree with whatever comes after that.

Current state of the nation is in permanent disrepair until the average Umerican understands what a natios actually is.

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