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>JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A woman is facing homicide charges after police said she burned her father with boiling water three months ago.

>Commander Tyree Jones said that on Tuesday, investigators learned that the 81-year-old Earl Coleman’s death had been ruled a homicide.

>His daughter, 55-year-old Diane Coleman, is being charged with murder.

>Police said on September 3, they went to Reddix Street to respond to a domestic disturbance. They said Diane Coleman had severely burned her father with boiling water. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

>Diane Coleman was detained for questioning and was later arrested and charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault. However, investigators were unable to confirm the motive.

>Earl Coleman suffered from several medical issues and was paralyzed. He was in a wheelchair. He died from his injuries on September 12.

>Since there was no motive, the case was being investigated as a death investigation.

>On December 6, investigators learned his death had been ruled a homicide. The charges against Diane Coleman were upgraded to murder.

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The 2016 election is proof that the electoral college needs to exist, not proof that it needs to be abolished.

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Bruh that's a fuckin mustache.

>A teen who was chained to the porch of a North Carolina house with a dead chicken around his neck is suing his former foster parent, social services officials and Union County.


what gender is that



It has no Y chromosome apparently, but there's no definitive proof either way.

I wonder how big her bush is.

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>When you live in a lawless wasteland

>JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) — Several people were taken into custody after shots were fired at officers Tuesday.

>Jackson Police are on the 1200 block of Biloxi Street at this hour.

>JPD officers and SWAT teams were executing a warrant on A.M.E. Logan Street, which was formally known as Biloxi Street, when police say that shots were fired at officers. Officers returned fire.

>No injuries were reported. The area, according to JPD, is safe at this time.

>25-year-old Joshua Coward, 23-year-old Bria Shorter, and 23-year-old Theodore Bingham are charged with two counts each of aggravated assault on a police officer. Also charged are 25-year-old Fulton Burns and 31-year-old Patrick Jackson. They are facing the same charges.


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Discuss the cabinet picks for President Elect Donald Trump.

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The gunman who was inspired by Pizzagate is a false flag to slander anyone who is interested in this story as mentally unhinged.
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