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Are we dead?


Nah, but I do need to find a way to get some traffic here.


Drumming up traffic is hard. If you've got some proxies you could advertise on 8ch or sushigirl (again), but it seems most imageboards understandably don't appreciate advertising which may draw their userbase away. I guess it just depends what sort of people you want here, or if you're happy with any traffic. It seems that users stick around for a bit then kind of stop coming back ;_;


I'm trying to drum up some of the old 4chon crowd but that seems to be an impossible task with 8ch.pl and 8ch.net both have 4chon boards.


Shit sucks my man. You could throw up an add, just don't be like the chanpink BO and spam advertise.


I'm way too poor to spend money on ads. I'm barely keeping this site up and running in the first place.


Not actual ads. The admin just spammed the site on various imageboards to drum up traffic.

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