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What do you do when you're not on the computer?
Pic related. I go into the woods and cut down dead trees to make light for new growth.
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Yes and no. I guess it's ok, but it's not something I want to do for the rest of my life.


What do you do? My stepdad travels a lot and he's in sales.


Auditor. Essentially I get to go around to places and tell them how're they're fucking up and what they need to do to fix it.


What like the tax guy?


Kinda, but nothing to do with tax.


Why does no one make a rifle chambered in 7.62x39 that isn't an AK that is worth a shit.
The Ruger Mini 30 is really hit or miss. The best thing I've heard of it is that it is prone to fail to fire with steel case ammo.
Why has no one made a rifle in 7.62x39 that still uses AK magazines but is not an AK. I thought about getting an SKS but I don't want to spend as much as those magazines cost and they're really only average reliability in their old age.
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That's sad. What are you thoughts on the gun culture in your country?


It's shit. Granted I'm being a bit hyperbolic, you CAN get a gun but you have to jump through a fuck load of hoops and you can't get anything fun. I feel like there could be happy medium between what we have now and what America has. As an aside it's also somewhat stupid that I can't use anything in my house to defend myself or my property.


How did the people of your country get on board with this sort of legislation. You used to have guns in your country at one point, right?



I should also point out that there's a lot of questions behind the 'massacre', especially if Byrant would be capable of actually having the firearm skills to do what he supposedly did. There's some out there that think it was a government staged black flag in order to bring around more strict gun laws.

File: 1497015488274.png (617.14 KB, 747x646, MS06 vs RX79.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Why would the RX-79's be colored in such a way that they stand out so vividly in a jungle environment? The MS-06's are all colored in a green or brown color that blends well in the environment. The RX-79 seems to require the pilot to manually target threats and the Federation has much better technology so I would be surprised if Zeon has a better target acquisition system that would make jungle camouflage a moot point and even if they did, they were still capable of being downed by heavy artillery fired by a well aimed shot. Did the Federation just want to get their pilots killed?
Defend this shit, /b/.
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I'm going to give it a shot. I've still got some packing and moving to do tomorrow but after that I should have the free time to watch it.


Just get ready for depression anon. It's really good and engaging, but you'll be depressed after.


Hey that sounds prefect. I'm unloading a uhaul truck at 3 in the morning right now so the idea of something else making me want to kill myself sounds choice.


Hitori bocchi anon.


>Main character is afraid of a bunch of people with black faces and big mouths.
What did he they mean by this?

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You're at the store and this guy shoots at you 6 times. What do you do?


Probably die.


Not likely. This guy averaged something like 16 shots per kill with a shotgun in very close quarters.


File: 1498117174624.png (286.16 KB, 400x319, miku standard.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I read it as this guy shoots you 6 times, not at you. So in that case I'm probably ok.

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Are you tired of shitposting on your imageboard? Your messages do not ripen seriously? Or are you just thinking outside the box? Come to us! Here we are all like that.
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Admin really should put more work into making something of this website.


File: 1496787739555.png (151.88 KB, 322x570, 1496095654669.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>putting effort into an imageboard


This place is dead af, though.


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Is this OC?


Dating is hard


Nice picture FAGGOT ! ! !
For reference, the file was deleted at the uploader's reqest. Doxing is not prohibited on this site.





You can add your own flags if you would like. Just post them to >>>/flag/ and I will add them to the list.


Where is /lgbt/ so I can discuss degeneracies.


Niggers and faggots not allowed.


Uhhh racist and sexist much?


>against gays
Nigger how fucking stupid are you?

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Desktop thread!
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Yup, Apple want the goyim to buy Macbooks and Mac Pro's in order to use the Superior Non-Goyed OS


>Windows 9
Please explain.


It's the vastly superior beta that came before Windows 10. It's a lot like an updated Windows 7 than the bloated garbage that came with Windows 100.
It's just a beta but you can sort of still use it for the most part.


Enjoy being hacked by Russians, there's been like 20 security patches for Windows 10 since it came out.


Hi Hillary. I see you're still salty.

File: 1493721561298.png (293.93 KB, 721x1000, you found me.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Nyaa is ded. Time to kill myself.

File: 1493190091610.png (1.04 MB, 1200x675, To protect and serve.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


2chon is a board for the most woke.
The Dorner pill will be the most difficult to swallow.


Niggers not allowed.


I will ethnically cleanse all witeboi from the globe.


Might be useful if you learned to spell first.


(User was banned for this post)


You wish.

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